David Dziwok: From rookie to championship leader

David Dziwok: From rookie to championship leader

David Dziwok entered the Clio Cup for the first time this season and is already leading the championship. The driver from the Carpek Racing team won both races at the Red Bull Ring, and thanks to consistent results, he is on top of the table. However, there are still three events to go and he faces a very competitive field in every race.

Young Dziwok from Poland scored his first podium finish at the opening round at Balaton Park. It was a clue to what he is capable of, even though it was his first time in this championship and on that new Hungarian track.

“I underperformed at Balaton Park. I wasn’t completely ready for racing; I mean, I hadn’t done much testing before the season. But Balaton Park gave me a taste of how Cup racing is, and I came to the Red Bull Ring fully prepared,” Dziwok explained about his opening races in Hungary, where he finished fourth and third.

Then came the Red Bull Ring, and he fought hard for his two wins, which he fully deserved. “I’m happy with the season so far,” added Dziwok.

At Slovakia Ring, he wanted to continue on a winning note. Again, he was in the fight for first place, but eventually, he finished ninth in the first race. “I lost a lot of positions and it was very hard to overtake, especially Bartek Mirecki, because he is a very tough fighter. I wasn’t patient enough and hurrying things just brought me more problems,” evaluated Dziwok his first race.

In the second race at Slovakia, he was so close to the win that in the first moments after the finish, nobody knew who won. Then the live timing confirmed the results. Nik Štefančič won by just 0.007 seconds from Dziwok. It was the closest finish in the history of the Clio Cup, and Dziwok was very happy about that. He already knows how to race and that scoring points is as important for the championship as wins.

“If I see that there is a possibility to win, of course, I will try. But I don’t want to risk anything; the most important thing for me is to bring some points to still be able to fight for the championship.”

There are three races to go at Most, Slovakia Ring again, and Brno. Dziwok knows all of these tracks very well.

“I have been testing at Most two or three times before the season. In Brno, I was racing in different series and won everything.”

But that doesn’t mean Dziwok won’t be preparing for those rounds. Like most drivers, he is training on the simulator. “The simulator is one of the most crucial things. It’s not like I’m training a week or a month before the race; I’m constantly pushing on the simulator every day with the best drivers on iRacing in the world all the time.”