Nik Štefančič takes the win by 0.007 seconds over David Dziwok

Nik Štefančič takes the win by 0.007 seconds over David Dziwok

Final race of the Clio Cup at Slovakia Ring had intense battles from the start to the finish, including for the lead of the race. Eventually Nik Štefančič became the winner with photo finish over the David Dziwok from Carpek Racing.

Nikodem Sobczyk started from pole position, but Bartek Mirecki had a better start and took the lead from Sobczyk, with Nik Štefančič in third, Julian Smiechovski in fourth, and Filip Kuncer in fifth.

However, Sobczyk retook the lead on the start-finish line in the second lap. Štefančič also passed Mirecki, and the two exchanged several contacts and bumps between them.

A group of six drivers began to create a gap from the rest of the field, maintaining a high pace and changing positions during the opening stage of the race. This group included Sobczyk, Mirecki, Štefančič, Dziwok, Smiechowski, and Kuncer.

Then the group split in half, with Štefančič, Sobczyk, and Dziwok in the top three, creating a gap to the group of Mirecki, Kuncer, and Smiechowski, who were joined by other opponents in the later stage of the race.

Then came the last lap, and Dziwok led Štefančič and Sobczyk into the first turn, but in the infield, there were more passes between them, and they were joined by Kuncer. Štefančič made a move on Dziwok in the last turn of the last lap, and both crossed the finish line side by side, with only 0.007 seconds separating the winning Štefančič from the second-place Dziwok. Only half a second later, Sobczyk crossed the line. Kuncer was fourth, and Smiechowski rounded out the top five.