Exciting race, interrupted by safety cars, was won by David Dziwok

Exciting race, interrupted by safety cars, was won by David Dziwok

Even before the race started, there was a crash on the installation lap involving Marko Kazarka, whose car was seriously damaged, preventing him from participating in race 1.

However, the race proceeded as planned, with teammates David Dziwok and Tomáš Pekař starting from the front row. Nearly 30 Clios navigated the tight first corner cleanly, with Dziwok maintaining the lead. Pekař came under attack from Bartek Mirecki. The trio immediately created a gap from the rest of the field, and Mirecki took second place on the second lap during braking into the third corner.

Meanwhile, René Leuteegger in an older generation Clio IV had a crash with Ivan Sentić, prompting the deployment of the safety car.

After the restart, Dziwok held the lead, but Mirecki attacked in the second sharp turn. Unfortunately, he locked up the front brakes and slightly collided with Dziwok, giving Pekař an opportunity to take the lead.

Mirecki remained in second place with Dziwok third. However, just as their battle ended, Dejan Robida got beached in a gravel trap, and the safety car was deployed again.

With three minutes remaining, the race restarted with Pekař in the lead and Dziwok second, as Mirecki was forced to give the place back to the Polish driver. Dziwok attempted to overtake his teammate Pekař, but the Czech driver took a defensive line and maintained the lead for a while. Nevertheless, Dziwok passed Pekař in the last turn to retake the lead. Meanwhile, Nik Štefančič passed Mirecki for third, and Martin Kadlečík in an older generation Clio IV joined the mix. The reigning champion of the Clio Cup Trophy had the advantage of a more powerful car and moved up to the lead in the overall standings.

Martin Kadlečík crossed the finish line first overall and won the Clio IV category. David Dziwok won the Clio Cup with his fifth-generation car, finishing just in front of Tomáš Pekař by a mere 0.200 seconds. Third in the Clio Cup was eventually Mirecki, with Ivan Pulić in fourth, and Nik Štefančič rounding out the top five.