David Dziwok leaves Red Bull Ring undefeated, winning the second race as well

David Dziwok leaves Red Bull Ring undefeated, winning the second race as well

Ivan Pulić started from the first row alongside Bartek Mirecki, with teammates Tomáš Pekař and David Dziwok in the second row. As in the first race, there were no major contacts or crashes in the first turn, and three-wide cars headed into the third turn. Pulić managed to keep the lead, while Pekař went off the track in the fourth turn and dropped in the order.

There was a fierce battle for second place between Mirecki, Dziwok, and Julian Smiechowski. Behind them were Nik Štefančič, Reto Wuest—former Clio Cup Bohemia champion from 2011—and Niko Wuest. These drivers fought for every inch of the track, keeping the racing close for most of the race.

Although Pulić managed to create a gap in the opening laps of the race, Dziwok soon appeared in his rearview mirrors and overtook him for the lead. Pulić then had to defend his position from Mirecki.

Dziwok pulled into the lead with a comfortable margin over Pulić, who had a fully packed mirror with other Clio cars, including Tomáš Pekař. Lap by lap, Pekař was overtaking other drivers, and by the middle of the race, he was in sixth position.

Dziwok managed to maintain the lead and won the second race, leaving Red Bull Ring with complete success after winning the first race as well. Tomáš Pekař eventually moved up to second place after going off track at the beginning of the race. Bartek Mirecki finished third, with Nik Štefančič in fourth place. The leader of the opening stage of the race, Ivan Pulić, finished fifth, followed by Julian Smiechowski.

In the Clio IV classification, Martin Kadlečík was the dominant winner, with René Leutenegger finishing second and Valter Nežič in third.