Knife-edge battles and success for Carpek Racing team

Knife-edge battles and success for Carpek Racing team

A triumph in Saturday’s race, a silver podium in the second race, all after nerve-wracking battles with Bartlomiej Mirecki. Tomáš Pekař gathered the most points at the opening event of the Clio Cup Bohemia series at the Balaton Park circuit despite tough competition. However, he’s already aware that the journey towards another title won’t be easy.

„It was a fantastic start to the season. I enjoyed it a lot. Bartek and I had some nice and fair battles. He drove well, didn’t make mistakes, and wasn’t dangerous or aggressive. He’s the kind of driver you can have a good race with. I look forward to the next opportunity to race him,“ Pekař left the new Hungarian circuit satisfied.

Although both Pekař and Mirecki took one first and one second place from Balaton Park, the Czech driver leads the overall standings. He earned a total of five bonus points. While three came from winning the qualifying session, he also set the fastest lap in both races.

Tomáš Pekař wasn’t the only Carpek Service driver to bring home trophies from Balaton Park. His teammate David Dziwok also succeeded during his first racing weekend in the Clio Cup category, initially securing fourth place in Saturday’s race and then third place on Sunday. He also earned points for setting the second fastest time in qualifying.

„I’m very satisfied. On Saturday, I made too many mistakes. Besides, I was a bit afraid of overtaking. On Sunday, however, I got used to it, and I felt better in the car. I wasn’t afraid to go for risky maneuvers, which paid off,“ praised Dziwok.

The Polish youngster decided his Sunday podium finish in the very last lap. „In the first corner, I engaged in a risky maneuver while braking. My wheels locked up, and I almost hit my opponent. Fortunately, it turned out well,“ says Dziwok, who had to worry about his bronze result until the very end. „I had to defend myself a lot. In the last corner, I was lucky because the opponent behind me missed the braking point and went off track,“ he breathed a sigh of relief.

For the third Carpek Service driver, Filip Bartoš, the Clio debut ended with 17th and 18th places. In the packed field of 23 drivers, he gathered a lot of new and valuable experiences during the weekend, which he will try to turn into his first scoring results in his upcoming races.