Thrilling battle for the lead, Tomáš Pekař wins the race

Thrilling battle for the lead, Tomáš Pekař wins the race

The Clio Cup kicked off its first race of the 2024 season, providing an exciting spectacle for the spectators as reigning champion Tomáš Pekař battled Bartek Mirecki for the win. Ultimately, Pekař from the Carpek Racing team emerged victorious in Race 1.

Tomáš Pekař started from pole position alongside teammate David Dziwok. While Pekař maintained the lead, Bartek Mirecki advanced to second place ahead of Nik Štefančič and David Dziwok, with Julian Smiechowski in fifth and Ivan Pulić close behind.

Under pressure from Mirecki, Pekař lost the lead in the second lap but quickly fought to regain it. Their intense duel provided an opportunity for Štefančič and Dziwok in third and fourth places. The top four drivers created a significant gap from the rest, adding to the race’s excitement.

Pekař successfully reclaimed the lead before the end of the fifth lap, though Mirecki swiftly responded by overtaking the orange Clio again at the second turn. Meanwhile, Štefančič, Dziwok, and also fifth-place Pulić were poised to seize any opportunity.

Dziwok advanced to third place ahead of Štefančič, but their battle for the final podium spot continued as Pekař and Mirecki remained closely matched, alternately defending and attacking.

With five minutes left, Pekař executed a decisive maneuver to take the lead, while Štefančič similarly reclaimed third place. In the end, Tomáš Pekař managed to secure first place, taking victory in the opening race of the 2024 Clio Cup season. Bartek Mirecki finished second, and Nik Štefančič took third. David Dziwok came in fourth, with Ivan Pulić rounding out the top five, finishing just two and a half seconds behind the winner.