Racing helps me to fill up with energy, says Miha Primožič

Racing helps me to fill up with energy, says Miha Primožič

Miha Primožič won’t miss another season in the Clio Cup. The experienced Slovenian driver enjoys every race weekend he participates in, as it’s a great way to take a break from his business commitments. He takes his racing seriously but is still waiting for his first win. Of course, he is hoping for a change of luck and to finally find his way to victory lane.

You’ve upgraded to the Clio V last year. What improvements or differences have you noticed with the new model?
The new generation of Clio is more precise to drive than the previous one. It handles very nicely and gently compared to the 4th generation but also requires a lot of patience on the steering wheel and throttle. I struggled quite a lot last year to overcome this transition, to adjust the car setup, but mainly I had a lack of time to make some practice. When I came to Oschersleben for the 1st race, that was actually only the second time I had driven the 5th generation of Clio.

You’ve consistently fought for podium places. As victory still eludes you in this championship, what strategies or changes are you considering to achieve your first win?
I definitely need to find more time for practice, but I do not have any special winning strategy. I am only aware that speed and consistency will be the key ingredients, especially with very fast drivers coming into the championship. I believe we have a very interesting season ahead of us, full of fun and surprises, with the biggest and longest grid and competition in recent years.

With the new season ahead, what are your specific goals for the Clio Cup, and how are you preparing to achieve them?
I would like to say that winning one of the upcoming races would be the cherry on top, but I am aware that competition is getting faster and faster each season. Talented and trained drivers coming from other championships are very fast, and we also shouldn’t forget skilled drivers like Tomaš Pekar, who has proven his speed also in the Euro Clio Cup, not to mention last year’s dominance in the Clio Cup during ESET Cup weekends. At the end of the day, my goal is to have fun and enjoy race weekends with friends I have met during years of racing and, honestly, to have some distance from work and business at home.

Being a co-owner of ASP, a dealership of Renault, Alpine, and other car brands, how do you balance your racing career with your business commitments?
I am very passionate about my business, but it consumes a lot of my time. We have just added our 6th car brand’s collection with Mercedes-Benz, making us one of only three Mercedes-Benz dealers in Slovenia. Last week, we also received the results of Alpine Racing car sales, which put my company in 4th place in the world for Clio Cup sales in 2023, something I am really proud of. But like I said, those commitments take a lot of time and energy, a small part of both I am fortunately able to share and pour into racing.

Could you share some of the challenges you faced last season, including any specific races or moments you wish had gone differently?
As I mentioned at the beginning of our conversation, my main challenge was getting used to the car and preparing the right setup. I am certain there is still a lot to learn and potential to close the gap to the competition. For sure, I would like to forget the serious crash I had in Hungaroring. I certainly wish the accident hadn’t happened and the circumstances would have been different, but that’s part of racing… and racing is exactly what helps me to fill up with energy and get away from everyday stress and problems.