Aren’t we all here to win, asks Ivan Sentić

Aren’t we all here to win, asks Ivan Sentić

Croatian Ivan Sentić is making a comeback to the Clio Cup, where he has competed in the past. The new season brings new challenges as he prepares for the opening race at Balaton Park with the ANVIracing Grobnik team.

Welcome back to the Clio Cup. What is behind the decision to race in this championship?
Thank you, it’s nice to be back. I find the Clio Cup to be the perfect place for me to give my best, to prove that I belong among the fine drivers who can stand out in the competition. For me, there is nothing better than to prove who is the best driver when we all drive the same car. Everything is about the driver, his skill, and his passion. This is why I’m here. To prove that I can win against the best, like Ivan Pulic, who is from Dubrovnik too. He has a great driving heritage, but competing against him is challenging, both in driving and financial aspects. But I manage to do so.

You are not a novice behind the wheel of a Clio car or touring car. But how do you feel about this new challenge in the 2024 season?
Years of racing are behind me, in circuits and hill climbs. Both I raced in a Clio, me and the car are working perfectly so this is, let’s say, the next level for me now. I know we are ready for the Clio Cup, ANVIracing Grobnik and I have done some hard work these three months, and we are now waiting for the red lights to switch off to start the race.

What are your goals for this season, and how do you plan to achieve them?
The podium of course, also winning the championship. I know this sounds cliché but aren’t we all here to win? If not, then what’s the point?

Can you share a bit about your journey into racing? What motivated you to pursue a career in motorsport? And where did you race in the past?
I found a passion for car races since I was a small boy. Cars and what’s under the hood were very interesting to me. Main things started in middle school and when I turned 17 years old, the driving also started. After that, it was race after race, mostly local and throughout Croatia. Now I can say I’m the vice champion in hill climbs and two times vice champion in touring car races in the Croatian championship.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your racing career so far?
I haven’t had the most challenging aspect as such. But Croatian racing championship and huge differences between cars in the same class are point factors for me to try competing in the Clio Cup. Fairness of competing in the same machine as the other drivers gives you the opportunity to show what tiny differences make a good driver. I believe that I belong here, and my main task for this season is to prove it as a champion.

Looking ahead, what are your long-term aspirations in motorsport?
To drive as long as I’m capable. Driving inspires me to be better, to work hard in every aspect of my life. So, for me, the long-term future is behind the wheel.