Carpek Service launched pre-season testing in Most

Carpek Service launched pre-season testing in Most

Preparation for the new season has begun. The Mělník-based team Carpek Service completed its first pre-season test day at the Autodrom Most Most on Friday. New recruits David Dziwok and Filip Bartoš, as well as team boss Tomáš Pekař, were in action. In addition to driving the Clio, Pekař also got behind the wheel of a Cupra Leon Competicón TCR. This opportunity was gifted to him by Petr Čížek.

„It was great. We booked the track and also invited some of our friends. So there were about 10 cars on the track, which isn’t a large number. Additionally, the weather was favorable. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but otherwise, the sun was shining. So it was ideal conditions for testing,“ describes Pekař the first day of his team’s racing season.

The three-time Clio Cup Central Europe champion primarily focused on driving his fifth-generation Renault Clio throughout the day, aiming to challenge for another title in the ESET Cup series this year and also compete in selected events in the prestigious Clio Cup Series.

„The main goal was to get back into the rhythm after the winter break and consistently set fast lap times. That’s what we focused on a lot. We tried to simulate racing conditions as much as possible. That meant engaging in approximately thirty-minute sessions where we not only pushed the car to its limit and set fast lap times but also aimed to make as few mistakes as possible. We had telemetry and video available, and based on that, we tried various things,“ he explains his testing program.

At the same time, Pekař somewhat revisited the past. After a long time, he also drove the fourth-generation Clio, with which he achieved numerous successes in the past. „It was necessary to check if everything was working after the winter maintenance. The fourth-generation is a bit faster than the fifth, so it took me a few laps to readjust. The behavior of this car is different. I drove it after a long time, so I had to readapt,“ he admits.

However, the Mělník driver didn’t just refine his own form. He also focused on David Dziwok and Filip Bartoš. These two talented young men will regularly compete in the ESET Cup this year alongside Pekař.

„I drove with both of them in the car, both as a driver and as a co-driver. We communicated through an intercom, so we could discuss the drive directly on the track. During breaks, we focused on video and telemetry. This way, we pushed each other forward,“ says Pekař, who was pleased with both of his proteges.

„I’m satisfied with them. Both listen to what we tell them and behave well towards the whole team. Their fathers were also present, supporting this good atmosphere. It’s important when there’s a positive mood in the team and correct relationships. Something like that only adds to your desire to race,“ he says.