Petar Miloradović will approach this season in a more professional way

Petar Miloradović will approach this season in a more professional way

Petar Miloradović is returning to the Clio Cup, where he debuted last year in a part-time programme and scored third place at the Slovakia Ring as his best result. Now, he is ready to improve with his rebuilt Clio V, entered by ASU Time Team.

As you head into another season in the Clio Cup, what are your expectations?
I expect this season to drive all races as best as I can and to gain as much experience with the car and the tracks because this series is still very new to me as I started just last season with a few races. Also, I have rebuilt my car with a new chassis and now it will be like a new car, so I would like to get used to the car and find the best setup for me.

Having participated in the Clio Cup last season, what experiences did you gain, and how will they help you in the upcoming season?
Most importantly, I made a lot of new friendships and contacts. It is a very good experience to drive on the different professional racing circuits. Unfortunately, I had an accident in one of the races where I damaged my car pretty bad and because of that, I need to approach this season in a more professional way. One of the good feelings was achieving 3rd place at the Slovakia Ring race last year, which boosted my confidence and gave me a push to be even better and faster this year.

Why did you choose the Renault Clio and our Clio Cup series? What motivated that decision?
I chose Renault Clio because I like this car in general. It has elements of a real racing car but it is a car that is made by the factory (Renault Sport) and it is still a car that is bound by the Cup rules that make the competition more impacted by the driver itself than the amount of money and engineering you can put into the car. Because both the car and the tracks were new to me, the ESET series was a better choice for me at the start as I needed to become friends with my new car first and learn new tracks and all of the races in the ESET calendar are somewhere around my country in a radius of 1000km, which was economically also the best choice.

You also compete in hill climb events. Which discipline do you prefer?
From the beginning, my passion was circuit racing, and that is what I prefer the most. I have competed in the Serbian hill climb championship, but for my international plan, I have only circuit racing in mind, and I would like in the future to be able to compete in the Clio Cup Europe, but that is far away for now. The focus now is to be as fast as possible in the Clio Cup Bohemia and to drive all the races from the calendar and gain as much experience from different tracks.

Could you share some details about your career? When did you start racing, where have you competed, and what are your achievements?
My career started in 2011, where I competed in the Serbian Championship in circuit racing in class 1 – Yugo group N, which is our national car. Already in 2012, I was the champion of Serbia in the junior classification. The next year, I’ve switched to a more powerful class 2 also with Yugo, and already that year, I was vice-champion in the hill climb championship. In my whole career, I have received more than 60 trophies in various races, and I have 8 titles of either champion, vice-champion, or third place in the championship for circuit or hill climb. These are my first steps in international competitions, and everything is very new to me, but I’ll try to continue this direction as long as my finances will allow me.