This year will be a fulfillment of dreams, says Katarzyna Terlikowska

This year will be a fulfillment of dreams, says Katarzyna Terlikowska

Katarzyna Terlikowska is going to join this season of the Clio Cup with KTT Infotec Racing. It will be her debut in the series, for which she is excited and full of expectations.

Welcome to the Clio Cup series. How excited are you about your debut season?
I’m equally thrilled, and I can’t wait for the first round of the Clio Cup series. I’m very excited and curious to see how I’ll fare against seasoned rivals.

What led you to the Clio Cup? What was behind the decision to participate in this series?
Participating in the European cup has long been my dream. Since I am an ambitious and systematic person, and competing in a cup series requires intense training, it’s exactly what meets my expectations. I believe that regardless of the results, this year will be a fulfillment of the dreams and goals I have set for myself.

What are your expectations for this season?
I would like to participate in all the Clio Cup series races and complete them, even if it means finishing at the back.

Are you familiar with the circuits on the calendar? Which circuit are you most looking forward to, and why?
Most of the circuits are new to me. However, Balaton Park evokes the greatest excitement in me, because it’s unknown to most drivers.

Tell us about your racing career. When did you start racing, where have you raced, and what are your achievements?
Thanks to motorsport being in my family for generations, I began my journey from amateur sports events. In 2021 and 2023, I participated in the Polish Racing Car Championships and won the titles of vice-champion and champion of Poland, respectively. Currently, I am a mother of two wonderful children. With the support and immense motivation from my husband, I pursue my passion for motorsport.