Carpek to aim for another success in Clio Cup. Young Blood to join Tomáš Pekař

Carpek to aim for another success in Clio Cup. Young Blood to join Tomáš Pekař

The team boss Tomáš Pekař, along with promising juniors David Dziwok and Filip Bartoš. This is the line-up that the Mělník team, Carpek Service, will regularly deploy in the Clio Cup races this year.

„We will focus primarily on the Clio Cup, in which we will again try to succeed. However, we will also compete in the international Clio Cup Series, where we plan to participate in selected events of the Mid Europe classification,“ Pekař introduces the program that awaits his squad this year.

Clio Cup, hosted during ESET Cup racing weekends, has already brought a number of successes to Carpek Service team in the past. Particularly noteworthy are the past four seasons, in which the team found no defeat. Pekař himself became the champion in 2020, 2022, and 2023. The 2021 season also ended with overall victory for the team when Swedish driver Filip Sandström took the throne. We must not forget Trophy classification title of Tobias Poschik from 2022.

Pekař and his team enter this season with the highest ambitions. However, everything indicates that this time the path to the top will be even more challenging than in the past. „It looks like the starting field will be really packed this year. It is possible that 15 to 20 cars will line up, which promises a very interesting spectacle. Among others, foreign drivers should come, and probably some drivers who have participated in these races before will return,“ predicts the experienced driver.

Tomáš Pekař will not fight for success alone. For his team, youngsters David Dziwok and Filip Bartoš will also regularly compete. For both, Clio Cup category will be a new adventure. But that does not mean they are complete rookies to the racing circuits.

Dziwok already has experience with Fiat 500 Abarth car. Bartoš’s past is also interesting. Last year, he appeared in NXT Gen Cup series. The races of this championship, which took place in Germany and Sweden during the past year, are reserved for electric touring cars LRT NXT1, based on Mini Cooper SE. Both Bartoš and Dziwok should continue their last year’s program this season along with Clio Cup.

„We already tested with both guys last year. I will try to pass on as much knowledge and experience as possible and help them with my coaching to achieve the best possible result in the overall standings. We will not be rivals, but rather partners. We will work as a team, share data, provide a slipstream in the qualifying if possible, and so on,“ the team boss looks forward to working with the new faces.

David Dziwok is only at the threshold of his racing career, but his surname is not unknown in the Polish motorsport scene. His father Franz has rich experience with Porsche cars. In the past, he could be seen in the ADAC GT4 Germany, endurance races at Nordschleife, or Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe. In the last mentioned series, he finished second in GT4 classification three years ago.

So far, the younger Dziwok has made a good impression on Pekař: „He is ambitious and skilled. He takes racing seriously. He approaches it as it should be approached. I believe that Clio Cup is not his last stop,“ he adds.

In selected events, Richard Meixner will traditionally compete for Carpek Service as well. This year, the Czech driver awaits a change. After several seasons spent behind the wheel of the fourth-generation Renault Clio, he will switch to the „fifth“ Clio. Occasional starts in Clio Cup Series will not only be made by Tomáš Pekař but also by Henrik Seibel. The German driver is not a newcomer to the team either. He has been racing under its colors since 2021.