Bartolomiej Mirecki is returning to the scene of Clio Cup

Bartolomiej Mirecki is returning to the scene of Clio Cup

Polish driver Bartolomiej Mirecki is well-known from all kinds of motorsport disciplines, especially from open-wheel racing in Central Europe. But now he has shifted his focus to the Clio Cup, where he has committed to a full season with the family team, BM Racing.

Given your diverse racing background, what prompted the decision to participate in the Clio Cup full season?
The Clio Cup is the most popular racing series for production cars. In almost every country, we can find their championships with a dozen or so cars on the starting grid. I have always been associated with branded cups. Due to Covid, my racing plans have changed slightly over the last 3 years, but it’s time to return to real racing, to race tracks, and to fight side by side! The selection of tracks for the 2024 season is very interesting, and considering the annual increase in the number of cars, it will be a really strong and balanced championship, where the champion should be known at the last corner!

Are you planning to race in any other series this season, or is the Clio Cup your main focus?
The 2024 season is still subject to many changes. It is certain that my starts in the Clio Cup will not change but may only be extended by additional championships or by switching to another car and the Endurance series. But the Clio Cup is the main plan.

As you prepare for the 2024 season in the Clio Cup, what are your main goals for the season?
The goal for the 2024 season is primarily to get to know the car and refresh it after a 3-year hiatus for Rallycross. I’m not planning anything specific; time will tell us everything. There are many strong competitors in the field, and names I don’t know at all from the past, so it will be important to understand their strengths and weaknesses. I think we will need to fight until the last corner for the highest positions, and I hope for it as well!

The Clio Cup is known for its close and competitive racing. How do you plan to make an impact in such a tightly contested field?
After years spent in branded cups, I am not afraid of driving side by side, and this is one of the main aspects that attracted me to return to the Clio Cup – the adrenaline!

Are there any circuits on the 2024 Clio Cup calendar that you’re particularly excited about?
All the tracks are well known to me from previous years of driving. I never single out any of the tracks, as each one has something special in itself! I have very good memories of my starts at the Hungaroring and Brno as well, where I secured victories and titles in the seasonal classifications.