Ivan Pulić joins Clio Cup for a new challenge

Ivan Pulić joins Clio Cup for a new challenge

Croatian driver Ivan Pulić has been racing with Clio in many countries, but never in the Eastern Europe region. Now it’s all about to change, as Pulić is committed to participating in the whole season and looking forward to a new challenge and new circuits, most of which he doesn’t know.

What brings you to the Clio Cup in Eastern Europe?
In the past, I have raced in many championships and circuits in Europe, such as Italy, Spain, and France. However, Eastern Europe is completely unknown to me, and that is why I have decided to come here. I love racing and learning new circuits and meeting new people in motorsport. I also want to understand the mentality of these drivers because Eastern Europe and the Eset Cup produce very fast and talented drivers. Another reason is because the organization seems to be very good and professional, with live streams, great commentary and graphics. This is where I want to be in 2024 for sure. For that, I want to thank Jaškapack company and my friend Zoran who have believed in me for the past few years and encouraged me to go racing outside of Croatia this year.

You have been racing in the Clio Cup for over a decade. What is so special about the Clio Cup series that you are committed to it for so long?
My career started in 2012 in the Clio Cup Italy. In Monza, on the first race, I started with 36 cars, and after fights in the first laps, I was sure that the Clio Cup is one of the best series and racing in the world. After that, in 2013 and 2014, I raced in the European Clio for the whole season. It’s simple: the situations you encounter in one race, some drivers may never experience in their entire careers in other championships. The formula is simple: same engine, same aerodynamics, one make series, and you have the best racing in the world.

What achievements in the Clio Cup are you most proud of?
I am proud of many of my achievements, but the greatest ones are my wins in Motorland Aragon in the Eurocup Clio 2013, after a great battle with Josh Files, and my win in Monza in the Clio Cup Italy just a year later.

But you haven’t only raced with the Clio on circuits. Where else have you raced, and with which car?
My main discipline is Hill Climb racing. My father Niko was a triple European champion in 1999, 2000, and 2001, and he taught me everything about it. I am a multiple Croatian champion in Hill Climb. Last year, I won the championship with a Seat Ibiza Cupra. In my last race in 2023, I was driving a Smart turbo rear-wheel-drive monster with 700 hp, and it was a lot of fun for me.

Let’s talk about the upcoming season in the Clio Cup in Eastern Europe. How big is your team, and what are your plans? Will you be participating in the whole season?
My team for this season is Lema Racing and the Marinšek family. With them, I have managed to win and achieve great results in the past, and I am glad to race with such a great team. Our communication is very clear and professional. We will have two or three cars in the team, with Clios and a few in other ESET Cup championships. I hope that we can repeat our past success and be on the podium together again. Our plans are to participate in the whole season, depending on our budget.

What are your goals for this season? What results would make you happy?
After a 6-year break from circuit racing, my goal is to get back into good shape in circuit racing. I am realistic, so my results will depend on the number of Clios on the starting grid. If there are 15-20 cars in the championship, I will be very happy to finish races in the top 5 this season. There will be some new fast drivers, and it will be challenging to be in the front rows, but I will do my best.

How familiar are you with the circuits on the calendar, and which circuit are you looking forward to the most?
Unfortunately, the only circuit I know is Red Bull Ring, and I love racing there. Everything else is completely unknown to me. This may be a small problem for my results this year, but I will try to learn as quickly as possible during free practices.

Will you be racing elsewhere, or will the Clio Cup be your only program this year?
My main goal for 2024 is the Clio Cup, but I will also be racing in some Hill Climb races here in Croatia. My father and I are the founders of the racing team Auto Klub Konavle, so we have a lot of work with that as well.

Dear drivers, I look forward to seeing you on the starting grid soon!