Twelve Consecutive Victories for Martin Kadlečík

Twelve Consecutive Victories for Martin Kadlečík

Martin Kadlečík had an absolutely dominant season, bidding farewell to the 2023 year at Automotodrom Brno with his twelfth consecutive victory, remaining unbeatable in the Clio IV. In Clio V, this season newcomer Nik Štefančič achieved his first victory.

The drivers lined up in the order they finished in the first race on Saturday. This meant that Kadlečík once again started from pole position, with Szabolcse Lantos alongside him, followed by Nik Štefančič and Adam Konopka. Unfortunately, before the red lights went out, Jiří Zbožínek reported issues with his car and had to be pushed off the grid by track marshals. The rest of the field set off for another warm-up lap.

This time, the start procedure went smoothly, but a few seconds after the red lights went out, there was a collision between Adam Konopka and Richard Meixner. Konopka and Miha Primožič got entangled on the straight, with the Slovakian driver losing control of his car and crashing into Meixner.

The safety car had to come out, and racing was suspended once again. However, the yellow phase didn’t last long, and soon the drivers resumed their high-speed pace. Kadlečík gradually started pulling away from his pursuers, while there was a battle for victory in the Clio V category between Lantos and Štefančič. Primožič was also trailing behind them.

Štefančič eventually overtook Lantos and settled in second place overall and first in the Clio V category. Lantos managed to withstand Primožič’s attacks towards the end of the race, securing the second position in his classification. Dejan Robida, Ondrej Fekete, and Andrej Makarović finished behind Primožič. In the Clio IV classification, Kadlečík achieved a record-breaking twelfth consecutive victory. Jiří Zbožínek, who eventually joined the race, was classified in second place.