Tomáš Pekař won the first race of the Clio Cup

Tomáš Pekař won the first race of the Clio Cup

Experienced Tomáš Pekař from the Carpek Racing team started from second place, but after the red lights went out, he performed the best start, took the overall lead before the first turn, and fearlessly drove to victory in the Clio V category. Martin Kadlečík celebrated his debut victory in Clio IV.

Although Kadlečík started from pole position, Tomáš Pekař had the best start, entering the first turn in first place. Martin Kadlečík and Michael Hulm entered the turn side by side, but the German driver didn’t have full control of the car and ended up in the spin.

After the first lap, the overall standings were Pekař, Kadlečík, Henrik Seibel, Szabolcs Lantos, and the top five was closed by Miha Primožič, who was attacked by Nik Štefančič. The two-time Twingo Cup champion soon overtook Primožič and started chasing Lantos.

Seibel had some problems, as part of the bodywork rubbed against his left rear tire, and Lantos and Štefančič immediately took advantage of his slight slowdown, passing his orange Clio V.

Seibel went to the pits, while a battle for third place erupted between Lantos, Štefančič, and Přimožič. In the seventh lap, Štefančič got ahead of the Hungarian driver, but he didn’t shake off his pursuers and the fight between these three drivers continued. In the eighth lap, Přimožič also got ahead of Lantos, and the finishing order was decided.

As expected, Tomáš Pekař became the winner of the Clio V category. Martin Kadlečík finished second overall and became the winner of the Clio IV category, only at his third start in the Clio Cup.

In the Clio V classification, debutant Štefančič finished second behind Pekař, followed by Primožič, Lantos, David Malinkovský, and Thomas Fischer. Behind Clio IV winner Kadlečík, Michael Hulm and Igor Tomljanović finished second and third, respectively, followed by Adam Konopka and Jiří Zbožínek.