Tomáš Pekař wins after starting from the back row

Tomáš Pekař wins after starting from the back row

After Saturday’s accident, Tomáš Pekař started from the back row, but that didn’t stop him at his home track, Autodrom Most, as he achieved another one of his many victories in the Clio V. In the Clio IV class, Martin Kadlečík triumphed for the eighth consecutive time.

Martin Kadlečík maintained the lead in the race, followed by Libor Horák, Michael Hulme, and Henrik Seibel. Hulme immediately attacked Horák and moved into second place.

After the Saturday accident, Pekař exchanged his damaged Clio V for a spare car and watched the starting grid from the last position. However, after several laps, he worked his way up to fourth place overall and took the lead in the Clio V category. Behind Pekař, a battle unfolded between yesterday’s winner Henrik Seibel and Szabolcs Lantos. The teammates didn’t give each other an inch of track and fought for the position behind Pekař. Soon, Nik Štefančič joined the battle.

The trio of Seibel, Lantos, and Štefančič constantly changed positions, and their overtaking maneuvers continued throughout the rest of the race. The key moment occurred two minutes before the end when Štefančič emerged as the winner from the Seibel-Lantos duel and moved into second place with a comfortable lead. Seibel and Lantos continued their battle. Eventually, Lantos defeated Seibel, but right after the checkered flag, Seibel pushed Lantos into the pit wall. It was clear that this incident would have further consequences between the Carpek Racing teammates.

Martin Kadlečík secured his eighth consecutive victory in the Clio IV, ahead of Michael Hulme and Libor Horák. Tomáš Pekař triumphed in the Clio V, with Nik Štefančič finishing second and Szabolcs Lantos in third.