Tomáš Pekař and Martin Kadlečík take a double from Germany

Tomáš Pekař and Martin Kadlečík take a double from Germany

Tomáš Pekař with Clio V and Martin Kadlečík with Clio IV started from the front row for the second race of Clio Cup and maintained their positions until the end of the race, which was shortened by the red flags. Both Czech drivers followed up on their results from the first sprint and each take two wins from Germany.

After the start, the drivers safely lined up into the first corner in the order of Pekař, Kadlečík, Nik Štefančič, Michael Hulm, Szabolcs Lantos, and Miha Primožič.

The first four drivers were driving together in the first few laps, although Pekař was setting the fastest laps. However, he kept a reasonable pace and did not distance himself from his pursuers. The most dramatic battle was between Lantos defending fifth place from Primožič.

Meanwhile, Henrik Seibel moved forward. He did not finish the first race and started the second from the last position. In the fifth lap, he overtook David Malinkovski and moved up to seventh place. In the middle of the race, Hulm got ahead of Štefančič for third place overall, although nothing changed in the order of individual categories. Hulm started with Clio IV, and Štefančič with the newer fifth generation.

Towards the end of the race, David Malinkovski and Igor Tomljanović fought for overall eighth place. However, both drivers crashed, causing them to spin. Eventually, they continued, but even their return to the track was not without contact. A few minutes later, Adam Konopka crashed his car, and the race was stopped two and a half minutes before the end.

Tomáš Pekař won the Clio V race ahead of Nik Štefančič, Szabolcs Lantos, Miha Primožič, Henrik Seibel, David Malinkovski, and Thomas Fischer. In the Clio IV category, Martin Kadlečík triumphed over Michael Hulm, Igor Tomljanović, Adam Konopka, and Jiří Zbožínek.