Szabolcs Lantos and Martin Kadlečík win the opening sprint of the Clio Cup

Szabolcs Lantos and Martin Kadlečík win the opening sprint of the Clio Cup

Miha Primožič showcased a rocket start at the Automotodrom Brno, moving from third position to the lead in the first corner. However, Martin Kadlečík, starting from pole position, didn’t hesitate for long and took back the lead while braking into the second corner, immediately distancing himself from his pursuers.

A train of cars formed behind him, led by Primožič, Lantos, Štefančič, Konopka, and Zbožínek. Hard but fair battles ensued. Lantos eventually overtook Primožič and claimed the lead in the Clio V classification.

Konopka utilized the performance advantage of his fourth-generation Clio and moved up to third place overall, but he still held the second position within Clio IV. The battle between Primožič and Štefančič continued, with Richard Meixner closing in on this duo.

In the end, Martin Kadlečík emerged as the dominant winner, extending his streak of triumphs to nine consecutive races. Adam Konopka finished second in the Clio IV classification, with Richard Meixner in third place, who drove with a replacement car following technical difficulties yesterday. Jiří Zbožínek finished fourth.

In the Clio V standings, Szabolcs Lantos claimed victory ahead of Nik Štefančič. Miha Primožič was classified in third place. Ondrej Fekete, Dejan Robida, and Andrej Makarović finished outside of the podium positions.