Martin Kadlečík and Tomáš Pekař triumph once again

Martin Kadlečík and Tomáš Pekař triumph once again

The Czech duo of Martin Kadlečík and Tomáš Pekař continue their winning streak at Slovakia Ring. Kadlečík remains unbeatable in the Clio IV classification, while Pekař once again dominates in the Clio V.

Martin Kadlečík maintained his lead in the race after starting from pole position. However, Adam Konopka had a slow start from his position and dropped several positions back. The critical moment of the first turn passed without incidents, but there was contact between Henrik Seibel and Miha Primožič in the first lap.

Kadlečík led the race ahead of Tomáš Pekař and Michael Hulm, who utilized the more powerful engine of his Clio IV to overtake Pekař with the Clio V on the long start-finish straight. Hulm wasted no time and immediately started to attack Kadlečík for the lead. Pekař, closely following their battle, was pursued by Adam Konopka. However, the Slovakian driver received a five-second penalty for a incorect grid position. Nonetheless, Konopka continued at his pace and soon passed Pekař as well. The top three positions in the overall classification were held by the fourth-generation Clios, with Kadlečík, Hulm, and Konopka.

In fourth place overall and the first in the Clio V category was Tomáš Pekař, followed by Nik Štefančič, Szabolcs Lantos, Ivan Mandić, and David Malinkovski completing the top five. The battle between Henrik Seibel and Miha Primožič continued behind them.

Towards the end of the race, Petar Milodarović crashed into the barriers and retired, leaving his Clio with significant damage to the rear. However, at the front, the positions remained unchanged. Kadlečík emerged as the winner, this time with a slim two-second lead over Hulm and Konopka, whose third-place finish was unaffected by the five-second penalty. In the Clio V category, Pekař claimed victory ahead of Lantos, Štefančič, Mandić, and Malinkovski.