Kadlečík and Pekař wins in Clio Cup

Kadlečík and Pekař wins in Clio Cup

Just like in the previous event, the same drivers celebrated victory. In the Clio IV classification, Martin Kadlečík drove to a dominant victory, finishing first overall. Behind him was classified Clio V winner Tomáš Pekař.

In the morning qualifying, rookie Nik Štefančič took pole position ahead of Tomáš Pekař, with Jerzy Spinkiewicz and Martin Kadlečík starting from the second row, with Kadlečík being the fastest man in the Clio IV category.

In the battle for the overall lead and within the Clio V category, Štefančič held onto first place, but a train of cars led by Pekař, Spinkiewicz, Hulme, and Kadlečík with Clio IV formed behind him. Before the drivers completed the first lap, Pekař fought his way to the front of the race, and it seemed that the race was decided. However, this time, the seasoned driver could not break away from his competitors.

Spinkiewicz overtook Štefančič before the end of the first lap and hung on to Pekař. On the other hand, Štefančič couldn’t find the right racing rhythm and fell behind Hulme and Kadlečík. The latter two were fighting for victory in the Clio IV category. Kadlečík eventually managed to take the lead in the third lap and also set the fastest lap of the race overall.

Kadlečík immediately chased the leading duo Pekař – Spinkiewicz, and halfway through the race, this trio formed a tight train, fighting for positions in the race. Although Kadlečík had practically nothing to gain, he comfortably led his category, and there was no need for him to try to overtake the Clio V drivers. But that wouldn’t be the right racer, and Kadlečík attacked for second place overall in the sixth lap – successfully.

In the seventh lap, Kadlečík attempted to overtake in the first turn, but experienced Pekař was faster on the exit of the turn and regained the overall lead. Next time, Kadlečík tried in the last sector of the circuit, and this time he kept the overall lead of the race.

Kadlečík became the winner of the Clio IV ahead of Hulme and Richard Meixner. Jiří Zbožínek finished fourth, and Adam Konopka fifth.

In the Clio V classification, Tomáš Pekař won ahead of Jerzy Spinkiewicz and Nik Štefančič. Szabolcs Lantos finished fourth, and the top five was completed by Miha Primožič.