Kadlečík and Pekař secure their titles in the Clio Cup with further victories

Kadlečík and Pekař secure their titles in the Clio Cup with further victories

The second weekend race of the Clio Cup at Slovakia Ring featured the same winners as the first one. Martin Kadlečík won in the Clio IV classification, while Tomáš Pekař dominated in the Clio V classification. What mattered most for both Czech drivers, however, was that their victories solidified their championship titles.

The drivers lined up on the grid was based on the results of Saturday’s race, which meant Martin Kadlečík and Michael Hulm started from the front row. Behind them, local driver Adam Konopka and Tomáš Pekař were ready to start on the lights.

Michael Hulm had a great start and entered the first and second corners alongside Martin Kadlečík. However, it was the leader of the overall standings who maintained the lead and headed towards another victory in the season. Pekař managed to overtake Adam Konopka and settled in third place, which also meant the top position in the Clio V classification.

Nevertheless, Adam Konopka proved to be very fast at his home track, Slovakia Ring, and took advantage of slipstreaming behind Pekař on the long straight, not only passing the Czech driver but also getting ahead of second-placed Hulm. However, he couldn’t shake off his pursuers, and Hulm closely followed his yellow Clio IV.

Meanwhile, Nik Štefančič received a five-second penalty for a jump start. The penalty was supposed to be added to his final time, so it was crucial for him to build as much of a gap as possible ahead of his competitors. Štefančič thus drove closely behind Pekař, waiting for an opportunity to overtake. Although the opportunity didn’t arise, it was important that he managed to establish a gap of more than five seconds ahead of Szabolcs Lantos, securing his second place behind Pekař. Following this trio were Miha Primožič, Ivan Mandić, Henrik Seibel, Ondrej Fekete, David Malinkovski, Dejan Robida, and Radoslav Obrtal.

In the Clio IV classification, Kadlečík claimed victory ahead of Konopka and Hulm. Kadlečík and Pekař can now celebrate their championship titles even before the final event. Their dominant seasons are highlighted by the fact that Pekař won eight out of ten races, while Kadlečík converted all ten of his starts into victories.