Duo Pekař and Kadlečík reign supreme once again

Duo Pekař and Kadlečík reign supreme once again

The second race of the Clio Cup at Slovakia Ring brought no change to the highest podium in the Clio V and Clio IV car categories. While Tomáš Pekař dominated with the latest generation, Martin Kadlečík remains unbeaten this season with the Clio IV.

The first two corners after the start went smoothly, but a collision occurred in the third corner between Henrik Seibel and Szabolcs Lantos. Seibel had to go to the mechanics for a minor car repair and then received a drive-through penalty. Lantos, on the other hand, retired after the incident.

Behind the leading duo of Kadlečík and Pekař, an intense battle took place between Adam Konopka, Nik Štefančič, and Michael Hulm. Although the real fight for positions was only between Konopka and Hulm with their fourth-generation cars, Štefančič, who was essentially second in the Clio V, closely followed Konopka and did not give up.

In the end, the closely contested trio maintained their positions, with Kadlečík taking the win in the Clio IV category, followed by Adam Konopka and Michael Hulm. Jiří Zbožínek finished fourth, with Richard Meixner in fifth.

In the Clio V category, Tomáš Pekař claimed victory ahead of Nik Štefančič and Petar Miloradović. Ondrej Fekete, another local driver, finished fourth, with Henrik Seibel in fifth and Miha Primožič in sixth place.